Sara Bair
Head Coach
Sara was a competitive gymnast with USA Gymnastics through her teen years where she earned various titles, including State Champion in All-around, balance beam, and floor exercise at level 7 in Montana.  She competed through level 8 and trained through level 9 when she made the difficult decision to stop competing and start high school sports including softball, volleyball, soccer, and track and field.  Sara loves all sports, especially outdoor sports, however, gymnastics has always remained her first love.  Sara started coaching gymnastics at age 16 and began coaching on her own at age 18.  She has been coaching for over 30 years now and has a deep love for gymnastics and especially for the students she teaches.  Her exciting yet gentle approach is infectious and sets a tone in the gym that makes it a place everyone wants to be.
Katie Wheeler
Assistant Coach
Administrative Support/Partry Coordinator

Katie graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho where she studied Secondary Education. She went on to become a junior high school teacher in the Boise, Idaho area. She taught Family Consumer Science and Health classes, and also coached Junior High Volleyball. She is also endorsed in Elementary Education and has experience working with children who have special needs. Katie moved to Dillon with her family in 2021. She is excited for the opportunity to be coaching again, and can’t wait to help children learn new skills and feel more confident in their abilities. Katie is also our party coodinator and office mananger. 

Anna Rhodes
Assistant Coach
Anna graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and is a mother of 5 children. She is a ski instructor at Maverick Mountain and has coached both basketball and track at Reichle School in Glen. Anna loves to teach and is excited to be a part of the gymnastics world. She participated in gymnastics in her younger years and continues to use the skills she learned there so many years ago. She still loves to do handstands and back flips on her trampoline at home. Anna is quite adventurous and loves to try new things and participate in adventures of any kind. She loves to help others overcome fears and enjoys helping them learn that they can accomplish hard things. 
Olivia Hawley
Jr. Assistant Coach
Olivia is currently a student at BCHS. She is on the cheerleading squad and plays tennis in the spring. From a young age Olivia enjoyed cartwheeling at any possible place, so when she joined gymnastics at age six it was a perfect fit. Olivia participated in gymnastics for many years until, unfortunately, an elbow condition ended her gymnastics career as a student. Because of her love for the sport she is over the moon excited to have the opportunity to assist in the coaching side of gymnastics. We are thrilled to have her on staff. Olivia brightens every room she is in and is a wonderful asset to our gym.
Jessica Johnson
Assistant Coach
Jessica was born and rasied in Dillon, Montana, and is an integral part of the community. She has an awesome family, which includes her husband Billy and her two kids Jaycee and Billy. She started with Bair Foot Gym in 2023 as a substitute coach, and quickly became an important member of the team. Jessica has progressed into a regular coaching position, and is a wonderful asset to the gym family. She has fallen in love with the sport, and enjoys helping each and every student succeed.
Amara Kueber
Assistant Coach

I am currently a student at the University of Montana Western. I am a volleyball manager at UMW, and I am studying kinesiology and psychology. When I was little, I loved to do cartwheels and handstands no matter where we were or what we were doing. I finally convinced my parents to let me do gymnastics. My gymnastics career was not very long because of my participation in various other sports but I did continue to go to open gyms for years. My love for the sport and kids was what pushed me to apply for this job and it has been so much fun to work with all the amazing kids and staff.

Robyn Driver- Open Gym Director/Party Supervisor
Mickaela Cochran- Assistant Coach/Cleaning Assistant
Abbie Morris- Assistant Coach/Cleaning Assistant
Amanda Yeadon- Assistant Coach
Abigail Roylance- Jr. Assistant Coach