Teach your child the importance of physical activity at a young age and they will reap the benefits of it their entire life. This class, designed for parent-child interaction, provides a structured, playful atmosphere that encourages bonding with your little one and helps expend energy. These classes are designed to encourage all types of movement including walking, running, jumping, swinging and climbing! 
Teachers assist with ideas and appropriate movement activities for each child. The gym provides many opportunities to move, move, move without the bulk of winter coats, pants, gloves, and boots!  We use gymnastics equipment to encourage gross motor movement with multiple gymnastics based, movement themed circuits to explore. Each class includes child-directed play revisiting favorite class activities. Come and play!

  • 30 Minute Class
  • Ages 2 years and up
  • Child needs an encouraging adult to accompany them during class.
  • $25 yearly registarion fee (per family)/ $50 monthly class fee.​

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